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We are committed to changing the world by allowing the public to pay for Jade with our coin safely and easily. We believe the future holds a strong demand for cryptocurrencies. Especially coins and tokens that have utility use like the Jade Coin. The jade market is huge and is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. The jade market is located all over the world. The largest market for it is in Eastern Asia. However, most of the Jade is mined in North America. With the utilization of Jade Coin, it is beneficial for both the buyer and seller of jade. The blockchain that Jade Coin is built upon is completely unique and tailored for the jade industry. It boasts a self-sustaining ecosystem that will integrate all aspects of the market.

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Jade Coin

Jade Coin lowers transaction fees on both small and larger purchases when compared to other forms of payment. Our blockchain is perfect to integrate within the jade market because of this. Jade coin is the only cryptocurrency that is focused within this multi-billion dollar industry. The security of the blockchain, wallets, and Jade Coin are impossible to compromise. Not to mention that the Jade Coin blockchain has one of the fastest transactions speeds of any blockchain currently offered.

The demand

The price of jade has continued to rise for the last couple of centuries due to the preferences of the Chinese culture. It only makes sense to hold the Jade token. As an investment stand point, it is excellent idea because the demand will be even greater once the coin is adopted. During the priviate sale and future listed price on a exchange, the price per coin will be only 0.01 USD. This price point is extremely attractive to investors due the quality of the project and supply of the coin.

The Utility

Our Jade coin wallet is easy to use for both buyers and sellers. The wallet can be used by any Jade seller ranging from large corporations to small market dealers. Currently, the wallet can be downloaded with iOS devices only,however Android, Mac, and Windows devices are planned. As a potential buyer of a jade, you will easily be able to buy the Jade Coin from some of the largest exchanges in the world and transfer them safely to your wallet. Jade Coin is not just another coin, it is specifically designed for the Jade community.

Jade Coin

Jade coin is based off its own unique blockchain system that promotes itself as a self-sustaining system. The following are characterics of the blockchain:

- Dual blockchain system support inflationary capabilities

- Transaction fee capped at 0.0001 Jade

- 250 transactions per second (can be increaed in the future)

- Ring signature security

- PoW (Proof of Work)

- Maximum supply of Jade Coin is 125,000,000


JADE Coin iOS Wallet

The Crypto Jade iOS wallet app is used to store investors public and private keys, tokens and wallet address’s. The wallet currently interacts with the Ethereum blockchain to enable users to send and receive Jade Tokens and monitor their investment balance. In the near future, the iOS wallet will be integrated into the Jade coin blockchain.

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Crypto Currency


The Crypto Jade team has already submitted the whitepaper to major exchanges. This strategy was meant to save time on the listing process for those who are interested in the Token. We will update this section as soon as we are accepted.


Jade Currency

Road Map

MAY 2018 to JUL 2018

  • Legal formation of company
  • Development of website
  • Whitepaper creation
  • Apply to major exchanges
  • Token creation

JUL 2018 to JAN 2019

  • Development of wallets (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices)
  • The Jade blockchain is developed and deployed
  • Private sale begins | $0.01 per coin
  • Initial exchange listing of Jade coin

JAN 2019 to END of 2019

  • Continue with acquiring partnerships
  • Continue with developing and updating wallets
  • Additional exchange listings
  • Surprise Crypto Jade platform

Meet The

Core Team

Cameron Kallhoff


Cameron graduated from the Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics. He has 14 years of experience as CEO of several SEO agencies. He also has experience as a private jade dealer. His passion of investing in cryptocurrencies and jade is what inspired Crypto Jade.

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Abdul Raheem


Abdul manages the digital marketing campaigns for Crypto Jade as well as graphic design and website development.

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Ayyappan Mookaiya

Technology Team Leader

Ayyappan has over 15 years of experience in the software development industry. He will be leading a team of developers to deliver a range of web and mobile products for Crypto Jade, including token wallets.

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Mirza Baig

Product Designer

Mirza Baig is responsible for creating token characteristics and designing wallets that are user friendly. He is also responsible for creating merchandise design that will be for sale in the near future. Mirza Baig has 6 years of experience working as product designer for many other websites.

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Ajaykumar R

Assistant Developer

Ajaykumar is responsible for future Linux development of wallets. He has worked as a Linux engineer for several other projects. He is proficient in TCP/IP and related protocols.

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Manikandan K

UX Designer

Manikandan is primarily responsible for the website flow for the user. He works closely with the product designer to make sure the user can easily navigate the website and future Jade token wallets. He has extensive knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. He has worked for Abdul’s company for 5 years.

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Valter D. Ribeiro

Project Manager

Business Administration graduated at Sao Caetano University (USCS) and Post Graduated at London South Bank University (LSBU) has been mananging projects in cryptocurrency since 2017. Started working at Jade for phase two project to develop the community and add more value to business.

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According to our roadmap, during the July 2018 to January 2019 period, we will start to contact both small and large jade dealers around the world. These dealers will be considered reputable within the industry. These reputable dealers almost always send a certificate of the legitimacy of the jade they are selling. This eliminates the risk of fraud if one were to purchase jade with our Jade Coin. We have already completed a survey on how likely jade dealers are open to receiving crypto currencies as payment. The results said that most dealers feel favorable. We will keep the public updated on our partnership process through our social media accounts.

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